Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Italian Beat Murders...Crookers feat Mike Snow - Remedy

I hear this in the club I'm goin' HAM! No denyin', no beatin' around that bush, I'm losin' it because this beat is disgusting. From the rolling techno beat to the high pitched synthesizer, everything meshes to create a bangin' symphony. I've already posted a few Crookers remixes in the past and they've found their way on my radar being that they were Cudi tracks.

If you haven't heard Crooker's (Italian Production Duo - Bot and Phra)debut album titled Tons of Friends then you're missin' out. I've only begun to enjoy the entire sound of that album and on first listen I'd put it up there with recent great dance/techno/Hip Hop albums like David Guetta, Basshunter, and Tiesto.

If you're curious my favorite tracks off the album so far are We Love Animals, Have Mercy feat Carrie Wilds and No Security feat Kelis. Needless to say, when you think of Crookers think in your face loud, electro Hip Hop inspired Dance music. The energy of these tracks are awe inspiring, do them some justice and play them at the next rowdy house party you're at and watch the results.

The beats may be sick, but Bot and Phra have the Remedy...

Crookers feat Mike Snow - Remedy HHHooottttt!!!!


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