Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Artist Spotlight: Shawn Desman

What do you call a Portugese Italian born and raised in Canada? Shawn Desman...oh what did you expect a joke there? No joke about this dude's talent and while I've dubbed him a new artist, I should re-phrase...he's been around for about 15 years now. If I were to draw a comparison, I'd say he's got a sound and versatility of another artist yet to make it big, Francisco. Only huge thing that separates them is Shawn's unique off center "side-hawk" hair style, that he has become known for over the years.

He's got a soulful, but Usher-esque performance swag to him. As an introduction here's a video of his track Shook, which has a sick electro dance beat and exhibits his style fairly well:

Another club worthy exhibit by Shawn is a track produced by Darkchild titled (appropriately) Sexy...

I know what you're thinking by now, why hasn't he had a breakthrough single yet? To be honest I have no answer for that because I had one hell of a time selecting tracks to post because I liked so many of them. When searching for songs anytime I come across a Desman I always feel like it has above average odds of being really good.

Be careful when you peg him as a strictly club hit, fast R&B sort of artist because he can just as easily slow it down with songs like:

Shawn Desman - Dynamite (Tic Toc) Great Ballad!!!

Shawn Desman - Something Stupid
New Version!!!

Shawn Desman - Pullin Me Back Hott!!!

Another notable fact about Shawn is that he is the older brother of another great R&B artist Danny Fernandes. If you aren't up on Danny, then click here, here and here (with Juelz Santana). As tempted as I was to leave you with those great slow jams, I'll instead bless you with a few more club tracks.You want to talk about a talented ass family, holy hell! Either way between these guys and Justin Bieber I think the Canadians are hoarding R&B talent. It's about time they start sharing with their big brother from the South.

Anyways I'm not gonna leave you with some facts and slow jams, here are a few more faster club R&B tracks from Shawn....

Shawn Desman - How We Do HOTT Beat!!!

Shawn Desman - Electric New HOOTTT!!!!


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