Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kid Cudi feat Snoop - I Do My Thing (prod by Dr. Dre)

This was the trifecta of the week with both Drake and T.I.'s singles also dropping. This is a rumored Dre production and I haven't gotten 100% confirmation on that, but it sound Dre-ish enough that I'll roll with it. Sort of a bouncy psychedelic stoner anthem is what to expect from this one.

This track would have fit like a glove on his last Man on the Moon album with the whole bouncy, trippin' feel to it. Really hope that tracks like this pop up on his new effort titled Cudder. Expect more of these star studded collabos on his new LP as he's working heavily with Pharrell on a few tracks as well as the man behind the single Jim Jonsin. Only difference between the two albums is going to be the seriousness of the tracks. That's bad news for me since I was a big fan of the emotionally intense tracks (Pursuit of Happiness, Cudi Zone, Soundtrack to My Life) as opposed to the party tracks like Poker Face.

Despite the Snoop and Dre influence, I wouldn't put this over any of my aforementioned favorite tracks on Cudi's last album, but I take it for what it is as an introduction to a new more upbeat sound comin' outta ya boy Scotty.

Give it a listen...
Kid Cudi feat Snoop - I Do My Thing (prod by Dr. Dre) Hottt Collabo!!!


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