Monday, November 02, 2015

Biebex Are Back at it Again With I'll Show You

At times over the past decade it's been hard to get behind Justin Bieber. In a lot of ways, he's fulfilled the child star prophecy in becoming that petulant, privileged, entitled young adult that we've all seen so many times before in music and television. All that being said, he's never lost the talent that caused Usher to sign him on the spot when he was just a young kid trying to make it big. Back in 2009, I will cop to very vocally backing Bieber as the next big thing when he dropped his first single One Time. Unfortunately, the past six years between now and then have resulted in more trips to the police station then posts on this blog.

BUT...time can prove to be a powerful thing when it comes to second chances. Three Skrillex produced singles, I'm back on board the Bieber bus. The most interesting part about it all is that the three singles haven't been overly electronic. If anything, I've gained more respect for the versatility of Skrillex as a producer. That's not selling Bieber short either, his new R&B flavored I'll Show You gets back to what made him a star years ago. The whiny beat, chill synths and ever-so-emotional vocal delivery is why this one will continue to have success and be one of the most remixed tracks over the next few months...#IllShowYou


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