Monday, November 09, 2015

Who Needs Real Friends When Imaginary Sound This Good?

After months of relative silence, deadmau5 seems to be announcing his return with a triumphant roar this week. Yesterday he let loose a Three Pound snack and today we now have a new full length meal in the form of Imaginary Friends. Both have a quiet build up, but go in totally opposite directions. Where Three Pound Chicken Wing takes a turn for Future Bass, Imaginary Friends is much more hard hitting melodic House. It's one of his multi-faceted tracks that is half driving, in your face bass, half beautiful synth progression. Up until this week, a new album in 2016 seemed like a pipe dream. Now that you've tasted the Kool Aid, join me in getting excited for what's coming next...#ImaginaryFriends

deadmau5 - Imaginary Friends


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