Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Savoy Taps Chali 2na of J5 on Love is Killing Me

Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 on an EDM track?!?!? Mind = Blown. He's not someone who I'd peg to fit well with electronic music, but Savoy isn't your average act. After seeing them live at Red Rocks a few months back, I quickly gained a new appreciation for their music. Partnering with one of my favorite lyricists is only going to amplify that love and you better believe Love is Killing Me didn't disappoint.

From the top, there's a soothing vibe to the track led by quiet synths and a high pitched vocal sample. Around the one minute mark, the beat starts gaining some steam, ushering in a substantial bassline and amplified synths. Then Chali comes in and kills it, dropping a stellar verse and making the track seem more Hip Hop than it did when I first started listening. I love collaborations like this that are equal parts awesome and unpredictable. If you like as much as me, head on over to iTunes to check it and the entire four song Thousand Years EP that will be dropping in two weeks. Oh and check the special message brought to you by the dynamic duo...#LoveIsKillingMe
Savoy feat Chali 2na - Love Is Killing Me


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