Thursday, November 05, 2015

BANKS is Back and Better Than Ever

Fresh off the success of her debut album Goddess, BANKS is back with a powerful new single. Better is a perfect example of how she uses a wide variety of raw emotion to tell a story. It's another stunning example of how she constantly proves that you don't need to follow everyone else's formula of verses and hooks and melodies to make great music.

Better is roller coaster stream of consciousness that lasts for three minutes. The song's tone is half therapeutic post-break up release, half moving on because I can do better in tone. The synths are heavy handed leading up to the climax, but what follows is a tranquil ending. If this doesn't get you excited for her upcoming album that's supposed to drop early 2016, then feel free and go back to listening to formulaic top 40 that is devoid of the type of emotion and feeling that she puts in her music...#Better


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