Friday, November 06, 2015

Videos of the Week November 6th

If you thought that somehow there wouldn't be multiple Hotline Bling themed videos this week, you're sorely mistaken. Funny enough, the best of the bunch was a seriously awesome acoustic cover of the track by Dan Henig. I'm not at all familiar with his music, but I'll definitely be on the look out after hearing his cover. On the other side of the spectrum is Bernie Sanders getting down to Drake's newest single on Ellen. Yes, it's Jib Jab quality, but admit it, you thought to yourself for a minute, is that really what my grandpa would look like dancing to a Drake track?

In other news, Ariana Grande is eye candy and she went all Willy Wonka style on her new video for Focus. Some choose to sell sex, others like Sia sell dance and choreography. There was no Maddie Ziegler sighting, but the martial arts choreography for her new video Alive was intense! Finishing out the week on a funny note was Aziz Ansari impersonating Bobby Jindal. Needles to say, he does look similar and he did a spot on job of poking fun at how terrible he's doing in the polls with his dated views...#FeelTheBern2016
Dan Henig Cover of Drake's Hotline Bling (Video)

Bernie Sanders Gets Down to Drake's Hotline Bling on Ellen
Ariana Grande - Focus (Video)

Aziz Ansari Plays Bobby Jandal on Fallon

Sia - Alive (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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