Friday, November 27, 2015

Videos of the Week November 27th

I'll be honest, with the American Music Awards being last weekend, it was tough picking my top five favorite videos of the week. To make things simple, I picked the most novel and interesting performance of the night, which went to Pentatonix. Their orchestra aided acapella rendition was quite a sight to see. Similarly, SNL's Thanksgiving gone bad where Adele's Hello saves that day was a pretty funny skit. Yes, the song is getting to be extremely overplayed, but I like that people are being creative with it now at least.

The final bit of novelty of the week came from the Muppets and Eminem My Name Is mash up. Every time I click on one of those videos, I roll my eyes thinking that this one is going to be just like the last ones. Then, I watch the video and end up being really entertained, so take that for what it's worth. In the world of music, Avicii created an inspirational mini-movie for his newest single Arrows. Really cool father daughter story having to do with high jumping, so give that a watch. And last but not least, Alex, Drew, and Tritonal came through with a typically entertaining competitive spin class video for Until You Were Gone. Everyone seems to fall in love with their spin instructor, so it was fun to see them poking fun at something that a lot of people can relate with...#UntilYouWereGone
The Chainsmokers & Tritonal – Until You Were Gone (Feat. Emily Warren) (Video)

A Thanksgiving Miracle From Adele

Pentatonix Star Wars Tribute at the American Music Awards

Avicii - Broken Arrows (Video)

The Muppets Singing Eminem's My Name Is
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