Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Come on Parliament Funk"

There are few acts in electronic music that can create loud, controlled chaos. Some can do the loud, others can deliver a nice drop, but few can do it in an organized way like Knife Party. Case in point Parliament Funk off their new four song Trigger Warning EP. There's a hint of guitar riffs, bouncy chords, bright synths and soft piano all in one four minute and twenty second period. I'd liken it to Nero's ability to effortlessly inject heavy dubstep elements into hard driving electronic rhythms. There's an organized intensity that allows it to be listenable despite punching you square in the face. With this song, Knife Party has reached new funky heights on their way to paving a unique path through the monotony of mediocre EDM...#TriggerWarning

Knife Party - Parliament Funk


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