Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Am I in Love with You? Or am I in Love with the Feeling?"

Just when you thought this whole Bieber/Skrillex thing was going to be a momentary flash in the pan, here's another log to throw on the fire to keep it roasting for a few months more. Lately I've been trying to resist Bieber coming back into my musical life, but Skrillex is doing everything in his power to break down the preconceived notions and close mindedness. It's one of those battles where you want to separate the persona from the artist because he's capable of making great music, but there's something you just don't like about him.

In the case of Bieber, I literally can't continue hating because the music he's releasing of late is unquestionably stellar. His latest EDM flavored releases, starting with Where Are U Now, are all really catchy blends of the best that R&B, Pop and electronic music have to offer. His latest one, The Feeling, excels in it's emotion soaked angst. Led by a flawless hook from Halsey and a heavy, but somber beat from Skrillex, Bieber is able to chip in a few well executed verses to round out the track. It really reminds me of the golden age of R&B in the 90s when artists were able to tear at your strings with heart wrenching slow jams. In just two days, JB's new album Purpose is going to hit iTunes and my guess is it's going to be one of the rare albums the eventually reach platinum status. Time will tell, but there are at least five singles I've already given the thumbs up to on the 19 song track list, so let's just say he's off to a promising start...#Purpose

Justin Bieber feat Halsey - The Feeling


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