Thursday, February 05, 2015

DJ Snake & DJ Mustard Get Extra Faded

You ever have one of those weird occurrences where you have two friends who hang out in different circles from each other, yet one day you find out that they were friends before you knew either of them? That's what I feel like tonight as I listen to DJ Snake & DJ Mustard's hard hitting remix of ZHU's Faded. Prior to this remix, who would have thought that they would ever collaborate?

Last April, I posted ZHU's Faded and it seems like ever since then he's been a shooting star. In support of ZHU's grammy nomination, Snake and Mustard gave the funky original a snap and trap makeover. The resulting sound is heavy, grimy and will give your speakers a workout. Chalk this one up to the rare occurrence when two great producers actually manage to craft a remix that is just as good as the original...#Faded2

DJ Snake & DJ Mustard - Faded 2.0


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