Wednesday, February 04, 2015

"I Gotta Hit List, I'll Write Your Name"

You'd be hard pressed to get me to admit it, but I may or may not be a big fan of Taylor Swift's Blank Space. I swear she has to be putting some type of added sugar or something to her music because it can be inescapable once you give it a listen. I mean for example, her video for Blank Space has been out less than three months and it has over 458 million views on YouTube. That's nuts that a track about train wreck/promiscuous relationships sung by a girl who in no way represents those types of relationships could have such a meteoric trajectory.

Original version aside, YONAS rocked it on his own version. My first reaction when listening to the track was how much it reminded me of Chiddy Bang. There's just enough essence of the original version to encourage you to sing along, but the verses and beat are jam packed with a 150 proof shot of energy. Rappers coming up and spitting like YONAS are few and far between these days, so appreciate the new remix below and feel free and cop it for free if you like it...#freemixtuesdays


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