Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bassnectar Finds Beauty of the Unhidden Heart

To put it frankly, Bassnectar was EDM before EDM was even a thing. He's been making hype albums since 2001, which is a full decade before electronic music started catching on in the US. His live shows and extravagant lighting displays are always something to write home about.

Longevity aside, he's made so many positive relationships with great artists like Glitch Mob over the years that he always seems to be churning out dope remixes too. His new remix of Beauty of the Unhidden Heart is about as chill as it gets for Bassnectar. The vibe of the remix isn't far removed from the original, but there's a much more predictable ebb and flow. If you're looking for a mellow remix to cool out to, this one is just what the doctor ordered...#LDIRemixes

Glitch Mob - Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (Bassnectar Remix)


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