Friday, February 13, 2015

Videos of the Week February 13th

The Grammys were without a doubt the big ticket item this week in the world of videos. While I was tempted to do a top 5 Grammy videos, I felt like picking a top two out of the many videos would be more impactful. That being said, it was a tough decision, but Sia's Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler assisted performance of Chandelier and Common & John Legend's emotional rendition of Glory were my favorites. What pushes Glory to the top are the real life social issues that continue to make the lyrics and message of the song extremely apropos for 2015. Honorable mention performances include Sam Smith and Mary J's performance of Stay With Me and Ed Sheeran performing Thinking Out Loud With John Mayer, Herbie Hancock & Questlove.

Grammys aside, the Imagine Dragons video for Shots was extremely well done. Watching the Incpetion-like visuals made me like the song more, which is exactly what a video should do. In other news, Charles Barkley still is comical anytime he swings a gold club, especially when Jimmy Fallon is there to observe. And last but not least, I'm still trying to wrap my head around Drake's new short film Jungle. I appreciated the nostalgic look back at where he came from and getting to see firsthand how his music began opening up doors. If it's meant to show what a day in the life looks like for him to generate empathy, then mission accomplished. Either way, it's thought provoking, which isn't a bad thing...#Jungle
Imagine Dragons - Shots (Video)

Drake - Jungle (Short Movie)

Sia - Chandelier (Live at Grammys feat Kristen Wiig & Maddie Ziegler)

Common & John Legend - Glory (Live at the Grammys)

Jimmy Fallon: Hallway Golf with Hugh Grant & Charles Barkley

Photo Credit: YouTube


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