Saturday, February 21, 2015

"I'm a Ready-Made Party, I'm Whiskey in a Bottle Now"

Yelawolf is a great example of an artist with an extremely high ceiling that has yet to reach his potential. You would have thought that his unique lyrical ability plus the Shady Records deal would have been a sure fire recipe for reaching that ceiling, but it hasn't happened yet. It's a sad thing that happens too often, but when a big label sinks its teeth into you, sometimes your creative edge gets lost in shuffle when you're trying to appease too many people. That's what seemed to happen with his Shady Records debut Radioactive, which is why I'm hoping his upcoming album, Love Story, will get back to what got him to the biggest rising star in Hip Hop.

For what it's worth, I consider his new single, Whiskey in a Bottle, a step in the right direction. For an Alabama raised lyricist, he's got a knack for pulling you in with a catchy hook. The laid back, head nod worthy hook to compliment a couple spitfire verses served as a blatant reminder that Catfish Billy still has it. You better believe he's got that same unforgiving, aggressive delivery that drew comparisons to Eminem. Time will tell whether his upcoming album will be the correction we've all been hoping for, but I'm a lot more confident after hearing his new single...#WhiskeyInABottle


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