Sunday, February 08, 2015

All Day Kanye - "Red Leather Jacket With the MJ Zippers"

So the Grammys are tonight and word has it Kanye is going to be debuting a new song at the award show. Presumably, the song will be his new collaboration with Travis $cott, All Day. A high-ish quality rip of the track has been circulating the past few days and can be played below. It's high quality enough for you to understand the hard-hitting beat and braggadocious vibe of the lyrics. While the song probably won't go down as one my favorites of his, it's equipped with more than enough energy and intensity to get the hype train rolling toward a new album.

In other news, Kanye actually did something randomly nice. While exiting House of Blues, he gave Cameron Grey a shot at impressing him with a few bars as he was walking to the car. Is this an effort to finally get some good publicity or was he actually impressed? I guess we shall soon see if anything becomes of this, but the skeptics out there will be following up, you can bet that...#CameronGrey

Kanye West feat Travis $cott - All Day


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