Sunday, February 15, 2015

"I Call, Baby Come Find Me"

There is beauty in simplicity. Details can be helpful, but also distract away from what is most important. Case in point Emile Haynie's new single, Come Find Me, featuring talented vocalists Lykke Li and Romy Madley Croft (of The xx). Like many other tracks Emile has been behind, he finds a way to take you on an emotional journey that is guided by instrumentation. The beginning of the track is soft and harmonic, but as it progresses, the intensity of the strings become much more pronounced, shifting the mood to a more somber tone. The simplicity of Lyyke's vocals are perfect in that they stay the same, but take on different meaning throughout the track. If you're an EDM fan, you might listen to the first ten seconds of this track, yawn and move on to the next song. That's fine by me, but if you have a minute to give it a full listen with an open mind, you may be surprised how something that is seemingly so simple has a much deeper story...#BabyComeFindMe


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