Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Next Big Track From Galantis - "You're Like Gold Gust"

If there's one thing I'll always have room for on any playlist I make, it's a jubilant electronic ballad. When I say that, I mean a song like Gold Dust with a soft piano lead in augmented by emotional vocals and eventually a feel good drop. Unlike many other EDM tracks, there's a full minute and 45 second lead in before the drop. That's a really long time, but because it's such a gradual build up, it makes for a dramatic and emotionally feel good vibe on the track.

Full disclosure, I'm only now starting to realize the awesomeness of Galantis. Without hesitation, I'd call their new single a huge step in the right direction. Prior to hearing the track below, I wouldn't have associated them with a song like Gold Dust. That's a great thing when a new artist you're intrigued by throws something right in your wheelhouse. Now, if they would only stop by the Bay Area for a show...#GoldDust

Galantis - Gold Dust


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