Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Method White Arrives With an Exclamation Point

The first big step toward stardom for many artists is a debut album. If you're one of the talented few who really score big on that first effort, then you could find yourself in a spot similar to Disclosure. Riding high on the success of their debut album Settle, they created their own record label back in 2013 called Method Records. You might recognize that Method was the label who helped get Sam Smith's In the Lonely Hour out the door last year en route to four recent Grammys.

Recently, Method Records grew a new branch by the name of Method White. According to Disclosure's Facebook page,
"Method White is going to be a platform for us to release some of our favourite music being created right now, music that we feel represents the best of the best of underground electronic music today!"
Seeing that electronic music is a booming business right now, there is probably a lot of great untapped potential lying in the weeds like Swedish DJ Jonas Rathsman. With the help of Method White, Jonas now has a well known platform to get his music out to the masses. And you better believe we're all better off as a result because Wolfsbane is a standout Deep House track. It's seven and a half minutes of pulse pounding rhythms that ebb and flow with a consistent amount of dance move inducing energy. If this doesn't get you excited about the type of music Method White is putting out, then you're probably not in the right corner of the internet reading this...#Wolfsbane

Jonas Rathsman - Wolfsbane


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