Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Super Mario Brothers Got Trapped by Just Blaze

So what happens when you mix house with Hip Hop? The quick answer is trap music, the long answer is holy crap Just Blaze is starting to seriously dabble in EDM. Maybe I'm not the only one whose tastes in Hip Hop have drifted toward the more energetic, upbeat synthesized sounds of dance music. With the help of Mysto & Pizzi, 1UP! is leaping out to the lead for most polarizing song of 2014. Just read some of the comments under the song on Soundcloud. The trap folks and Hip Hop heads are both either all for it or totally against it. Whatever you do decide for yourself, give it a full listen before you judge because there are more than a one awe inspiring drops throughout the track...#1UP

Just Blaze x Mysto & Pizzi - 1UP!


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