Saturday, January 04, 2014

"Now I'm Choosing Groups A-D Over Groupies"

Full disclosure, I don't know much about Vampire Weekend other than that they have a really devoted following and occasionally collaborate with artists that are routinely featured on this blog. Having said that, had I heard Step when it came last March, I probably would have posted the original version of their track (below)...

Occasionally, I come across songs that I have a really hard time wrapping my mind around. When that happens, it's generally a good thing because some artist or group has ventured off the reservation into a creative area that I haven't been to before. I'm still not quite sold on Danny Brown because his delivery is downright silly sounding, but he's hard to turn off in a freakish way. Especially when contrasted with the mellow, ballad sounding instrumental of Step, the track reminded me of ODB when he went in on Mariah Carey track. The vocals are so markedly different from the beat that it's a unique listen. I wasn't a huge fan of Heems (of Das Racist) verse, but I was a big fan of how Queens' own Despot closed down the track. So much lyrical ferocity during his verse, it was perfect for the "step to my girl" vibe of the track. It's hard to find a comp to this one, but that's a big reason why I like it...#StepRemix

Vampire Weekend feat Danny Brown, Heems, and Despot - Step (Remix)


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