Friday, January 17, 2014

Videos of the Week January 17th

Definitely a Hip Hop centric top five this week. Not sure about y'all, but I have my DVR set to record SNL this weekend with Drake hosting it. The promo for the show (below) is a bit over the top, but the whole "saddest boy in all of you know what Canada" bit around the 1 min mark with the heavy daytime-tv style dramatic acting was entertaining. I hope he continues to poke fun at himself for the generally accepted reputation of being a sensitive dude.

Really cool get a behind the scenes look and some reflection from K Dot as a promo for the Grammys. In a similar way, I'm excited to see more of Wale's documentary soul-searching trip to Africa. A one minute snip doesn't even begin to tell the story, but it looks interesting. From a user experience (UX) design perspective, it was cool to hear Pharrell talk about the experience he tries to create through his music. People may not realize it, but the producers that care THAT much about the opinion and perspective of the listener tend to be the best ones. Keeping with the UX lens, Bobby Ray's video for John Doe was well done with the storytelling angle he took. Even though it was a tough story to watch, it's much easier to connect with lyrics when I can see the meaning unfold in a real scenario...#JohnDoe
Drake Saturday Night Live Promo

Day in the Life: Grammy Nominee James Blake & Kendrick Lamar

B.O.B. feat Priscilla - John Doe

Pharrell Just Wants You to Jam

Wale - "I Am From" Documentary Trailer

Photo Credit: YouTube via NBC


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