Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"We Keep it Cracking Like a Egg Yolk"

Very funky and grown up is the best description I have for Big Boi's new one featuring Phantogram and Sade. Yes, Big Boi comes strong with some pointed verses directed at the use and at times overuse of technology by today's society, but Sade's vocals are what stuck with me after a few listens. Her voice is so incredibly calm and soothing that when mixed with a funky bassline, the result is show stopping. Even better, Big Boi put together a trippy video where the computer screen literally sings to you. Check it out...

Taking it one step further, Big Boi is cool with your downloading it for free.50 via Soundcloud. It's all interesting timing with talk of this new 40 festival Outkast tour. It'll be interesting to see if both Big Boi and Three Stacks can crank out new solo albums before going on tour together. If it does somehow happen, though, we will all be much better off in 2014...#CPU20

Big Boi feat Phantogram & Sade - CPU 2.0


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