Thursday, January 09, 2014

"It Ain't That Hard When You Got Soul"

I've mentioned him a few times on the blog of late, but Aloe Blacc might be the biggest unheralded superstar of 2013. He was the driving force behind one of the three best songs of 2013 in Wake Me Up, but his story doesn't end there. He also did a really dope track with Pharrell (Love is the Answer) and more recently had one his tracks featured on a Beats by Dre commercial with Colin Kaepernick. As if you didn't already love your Beats headphones, they can also shield you from the outside world when everyone is against you...

So yea, it doesn't get more soulfully uplifting than The Man. It's just humble sounding enough to not come off too ego driven, which is a fine line. The closer you can get to the line without crossing it the better. This tip toes the line, while taking you to church to celebrate the feel good, confident message. If Aloe isn't already part of your discography, shame on you, his debut EP is way to good to be ignore...#WakeMeUpEP

Aloe Blacc - The Man


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