Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cleveland Stand Up! Here Comes E-V

You might listen to the track below and think, "hmm that's an interesting mix of EDM and Hip Hop," but what it amounts to is three good friends from the same town just having fun together. Proudly repping northeast O-H, the trio of DJ E-V, Machine Gun Kelly, and Lorine Chia from Cleveland put on for their city (as Kanye/Jeezy would say) with GoodTime. I'll always have the utmost respect for the artists that work from the ground up by grinding through the mixtape circuit for years before making it big. That's the path that E-V has taken, so if you feel so inclined to support a homie on a real come up, hop on over to iTunes and cop this one...#GoodTime

E-V Ft. Lorine Chia & Machine Gun Kelly – GoodTime


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