Wednesday, January 01, 2014

"Now I Don't Pop Molly, I Go Rob Ford"

Usually as a last post of the year, I've made a habit of posting Skillz's yearly rap up song where he touches on all the goings on the past year in Hip Hop. This year Skillz flipped the script and did a 2013 sports year rap up for ESPN's Numbers Never Lie. If you haven't heard it, it's a fun change of direction, but if you were expecting the usual pop culture stuff that he's been know to hit on in the past, it'll miss the mark.

This year, Timeflies picked up Skillz and did their own 2013 rap up to the tune of Eagle Eye Cherry's Save Tonight. You better believe Cal killed it on the verses too, touching on everything from pop music to government to chic drugs of 2013. He's one of the few artists that can go bar for bar on verses then deliver top notch vocals for the hook. Hands down, my favorite line in the track was, "cause I'ma tap that ass harder than the NSA." Plenty of good one liners and he even managed to pay respects to the late Nelson Mandela and drop a Boston strong in there. Definitely one of the best executed yearly rap up tracks I've heard in a while...#savetonight

Photo Credit: Youtube


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