Sunday, January 12, 2014

"She Always Says She Loves Me When We're Drinking"

When it's freezing over the winter, sometimes all you need is a laid back, breezy track that takes you to a beach mentally. Cue up Aer new one Says She Loves Me. I'm not gung ho about the bubble gum, poppy sound of the track, but the lyrics make it worth listening to. The lyric "she always says she loves me when we're drinking, won't admit it but it's true" should resonate with everyone in some way shape or form because we've all had that friend who is head over heels in love, even though it's abundantly clear that the girl is using them (for whatever reason). The visuals directed by Jakob Owens do justice to the song's core message with a throwback theme to boot...

Aer doesn't get near the amount of hype they deserve, which is why you shouldn't sleep on their upcoming self-titled album due our in a about a week. It's never too late to join the Fresh Aer Movement, which is coming to a city near you soon...#Aer


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