Friday, November 01, 2013

Videos of the Week November 1st

Anytime Justin Timberlake makes a video, it's a big deal. That didn't change a bit this time around because Riley Keough also starred in the video for TKO. For those of you at home who aren't familiar with who she is, you may know her better Lisa Marie Presley's daughter or Elvis's granddaughter. The video definitely did a solid job of selling the lyrics through the visuals of a love story gone way wrong. Like the Drake quote, "Sometimes the hottest love has the coldest end..."

Aside from that cinematic gem, Game put together a chill video for All That with Jeremih and Big Sean. Lil Wayne was unexpectedly absent from the video, which was odd. If you're in the mood for some EDM, give the Major Lazer and Krewella a look. Oh and this just in Drake is big time, so big time that The Raptors now have him on payroll. You'll see why below...#Raptors
Justin Timberlake - TKO

Game ft. Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Jeremih & Fabolous – All That (Lady) (Video)

Major Lazer - Jet Blue Jet (feat. Leftside, GTA, Razz & Biggy)

Drake Toronto Raptors Promo

Krewella Performs Live For the Night on Good Morning America

Photo Credit: YouTube


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