Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'd Buy Kenna's Brand of New School Funk Any Day

New school funk that compares to retro funk of decades past is hard to find theses days. That's why I jumped up out my seat when I heard Kenna's new one Relations. The Chad Hugo produced beat showcases 80s synthesizers that compliment a funkadelic beat. The sheer fact that the word relations is used speaks to its throwback nature. Check the original below for reference...

Don't expect the remix below to be markedly different, but do pay attention to the Childish Gambino verse. With his new Because the Internet album due out in a month, he seems to be rounding into tip top lyrical shape with the bars he let loose on the remix below. Do me a favor and throw this on the next mix cd you burn your dad (does anybody still burn cds? maybe cloud it to him?). You heard it here first folks, your parents might even enjoy this one...#Relations

Kenna feat Childish Gambino - Relations (Remix)


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