Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Give Me That High, Like You Did Last Night"

Man, it's hard to argue against Pitbull's ability to churn out hit after hit after hit after hit. I'd be willing to bet that there are more than a few people who are getting tired of his hit making formula, but nobody can deny how successful he is at doing what he does. This time he teamed up with Kelly Rowland on his latest top 40 radio hit That High. Like I alluded to before, it's almost exactly what you'd expect from Pitbull, which isn't a bad thing in my eyes. Quick side note, is it me or does the Kelly's hook sound strikingly like the hook from Ke$ha's Blow?

The single will be showing up in about a week on his upcoming re-release of his seventh studio album Global Warming:Meltdown. The album will feature five new songs (one being Timber) in addition to all the tracks from the original release of Global Warming. It's an interesting trend that artists are re-releasing "deluxe" versions of albums that have a few extra new songs on them to get everything they can out of their release. Can't hate if it works, but personally I don't get it. Oh well, money talks so if you're a fan go out on Black Friday and cop it...#GlobalWarmingMeltdown

Pitbull feat Kelly Rowland - That High


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