Saturday, November 02, 2013

Colin McLoughlin Fixes Up Some Coldplay

It's always refreshing to hear a new take on a classic track. It seems like everyone and their mom has taken a shot at Coldplay's classic Fix You, but that didn't dissuade Colin McLoughlin from putting his own spin on the track. Maybe it's because enough time has passed since the last person remixed it, or it could be that Colin's version is that calm and electronically refreshing. Whatever the case, the chopped up vocals over the ever so sweet dubstep beat made this version memorable to me. If you're in need of some new, fresh EDM I'd suggest you check out Colin's debut Tears of Tempo EP. Non-Coldplay fans, I dare you not to like this one...#GreatRemix

Coldplay - Fix You (Collin McLoughlin Remix)


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