Monday, November 25, 2013

James Franco & Seth Rogen Own Kanye's Bound 2

Usually I don't devote whole posts to videos, but when it comes to parodies of songs, it literally doesn't get any better than what James Franco and Seth Rogen did to Kanye's latest video for Bound 2. In case you missed the original version of the extremely sexual motorcycle ride where the married couple simulate a sexual act, feel free and press play below...
So how in the world could two very average looking comedians simulate such an intimate moment? How about re-enact it exactly like the first video? Yea that sounds like a good idea...
I tell you what, Seth Rogen makes one heck of a Kim Kardashian double. The looks he gave to the camera, the exaggerated hair flings, the passionate embraces...all so perfect. If I were Lonely Island, this would be game on for me because they just got outflanked...#Bound3


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