Sunday, November 03, 2013

Thomas Jack Uses EDM To Tell Stories Without Words

Telling a story through music without using any vocals is not an easy thing to do. I'm starting the post with that claim because Thomas Jack did a really good job of putting together an electronic track with layers of complexity and no real vocals. When I say no real vocals, I mean he uses a sample from John F. Kennedy's monuments inaugural speech in 1961, but there's no harmony or vocals to be heard on the track. The first chapter of the track is centered around JFK, but it gives way to a brilliant saxophone piece by Adrian Symes. If you're a little ADD and just want to get to the most interesting part, fast forward to the third chapter around the 2:51 mark where the rolling electronics blend seamlessly with this pan flute chord progression that is outta this world. The 3:54 mark is the subtle drop where all three chapters come together in one beautiful harmony. It's inventive, creative and downright awesome. Folks feel free and send the up and coming Aussie some love because the story he told on Symphony is just awesome...#Symphony

Thomas Jack - Symphony (Original Mix)


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