Friday, November 15, 2013

Videos of the Week November 15th

Definitely Hip Hop centric on this week's rendition of top 5 videos. I found it interestingly coincidental that the week Drake and Rihanna made it rain $17,0000 in ones, they also released videos for new singles. As a quick side note, the sheer fact that they were able to quantify that Drake dropped 12 racks and Rihanna 5 stacks speaks to our culture's awesome ability to parse out details during chaos. Can you imagine 17 thousand one dollar bills being scattered on a stage area? My mind exploded too, but if you're super curious how it looked, it sorta looked like this.

If you're in the mood for some substance that may be off the beaten path, I'd encourage you to check out the inspirational trailer for Shake the Dust. Long story short, it's about how kids in war torn areas of Africa like Uganda are making something our of nothing by break dancing. The documentary is produced by Nasir Jones himself and seems to showcase a few areas where roses were able to grow from concrete through the inspiration of Hip Hop. You can bet I'll be tuning it when the full documentary comes out because there's nothing cooler than when music can help create a path for kids through life...#ShakeTheDust

Drake - Worst Behavior (Video)

Kenna feat Childish Gambino - Relations (Video)

Shake the Dust (Trailer)

Rihanna - What Now (Preview)

Busta Rhymes feat Q-Tip, Lil Wayne & Kanye West - Thank You (BTS)

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