Tuesday, November 05, 2013

"Call Your Girlfriend, It's Time You Had the Talk"

It's probably been over two years since I posted a new Timeflies track, but don't think for a minute that's because they haven't been releasing great music. Like friends sometimes artists come and go, in and out of playlists for extended periods of time in the same way we all lose touch with friends. Like relationships, sometimes there's no good reason for falling out of touch, it just happens. With that being said, I'm still all about the feel good Hip Hip, acoustic, electro-pop vibe that Cal and Rez got goin' on.

As a quick recap, they just released a solid four song Warning Signs EP last month. You won't find their new cover of Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend on the EP, but the good news is they are back to their normal #TimefliesTuesday shenanigans. That can only mean good news for us if they find a way to keep cranking out great songs like the one below...


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