Monday, November 11, 2013

Turning a Ballad Into 5-Star Lounge Music

Despite the fact that music on this blog has been steadily drifting toward EDM, I will never hesitate to give love to music that find a way to get people movin'. In other words, it doesn't have to be electronic to make people want to dance. Case in point, Star Slinger's latest remix of Izzy Bizu's White Tiger. In case you missed the original, it's definitely worth a listen because she has a show-stopping voice...

The remix maintains the same vocal-driven sound, but Star Slinger added his own personal swanky touch of upbeat love to the beat. It transforms the track from an easy-listening ballad to a nod-your-head-back-and-forth Quagmire style experience. Tip of the cap Star Slinger, you truly are the king of five star lounge music...#StarSlinger

Izzy Bizu – White Tiger (Star Slinger Remix)


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