Saturday, November 19, 2011

"You're Like a Laserlight Burning Down on Me"

Continuing his onslaught on American Dance/Pop music, @davidguetta cooked up another heat rock. This time he hooked up with @jessiejofficial on a track that was included on the Nov 9th re-release of her latest album Who You Are. Seems to be the trend these days to make a really solid single post-album launch and use it to give your latest album sales a boost. Can't hate on that and to be fair, you can still cop the individual track via iTunes if need be.

The formula is the same, but like Coca Cola, why fix it if it ain't broken? With the build up leading to the chorus, I'd bet the farm that this will be on more than a few college pre-gaming mixes. Ah yes, the "we drank last night, but need some upbeat music to rally" mix. Y'all know what I'm talmbout, press play and break out that 30 case of Stones or Natty and rally the troops...#ILovedCollege

Jessie J - Laserlight (prod by David Guetta)


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