Thursday, November 17, 2011

"I'm Throwed to the Side Like a Lateral"

Recently, every time I look for new music it seems like @bigkrit's name is all over it. I can't confirm it, but based on context clues, i.e. the slightly screwed hook, I'm guessing K.R.I.T. was behind the beat. Put it this way, if you're not singing the hook to yourself after the second listen, you must not have an appreciation for Southern Hip Hop. Even better, @BunBTrillOG chipped in on a verse, which served as icing on the cake for an already awesome track.

@bobatl's new mixtape, Epic: Every Play is Crucial is where the track below,5 On the Kush, is first supposed to land. I say first because the track is also tentatively slated to land on his new studio album Strange Clouds in March 2012. No firm date on the mixtape, but since his first single off Strange Clouds is already out, I'd be willing to bet coming soon is a safe bet.

Anybody else really enjoying all this great Southern Hip Hop that's dropped lately? I know I'm biased because much of my love for Hip Hop music originated from songs that sound exactly like the track below, but it's really cool seeing the impact K.R.I.T. is beginning to have on Southern Hip Hop. He's doing his best to keep the screwed and chopped flame alive by evolving its original sound to be more contemporary. When I say contemporary, I mean most screwed and chopped tracks don't ever make it to singles, but K.R.I.T.'s sampling of the sound is less abrasive and easier to listen to. Evidence? #PressPlayBelow...

B.O.B. feat Bun-B & Big K.R.I.T. - 5 On the Kush


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