Sunday, November 06, 2011

"I Never Sleep With My Back to You"

It's getting to a point where I refuse to believe @frank_ocean is in any way related to the debauchery of @OFWGKTA. Not only was nostalgia, Ultra (damn near 1/4 of a million DLs on datpiff by the way) a complete 180 from everything the group has done as a collective, but everything I've heard post-mixtape has been just as heart-felt R&B filled. Case in point a new-ish song called Back, that may or may not be on his condensed EP version of Ultra titled nostagia, Lite. While there's no firm release date of the EP, you can bet it will be sort of an all-star version of Ultra, with a few new ones to make sure that people who heard the mixtape, still buy the album.

There was plenty of good reason why Kanye and Jigga recruited Frank for a few hooks on Watch the Throne. His brand of soul and harmony is smooth and unique, which is hard to do in genre filled with so many artists that sound the same. There's something to be said for freshness and he's clearly got it. Shouts out to @DapoTheGreat on the production too, it's easy for an artist to succeed with a piano driven beat like the one on Back. Lots more greatness to come, for now I'm content with the thought of Frank Ocean becoming such a household name.

Frank Ocean - Back (prod by Dapo)


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