Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Exotic Dancer Strut, I Would Tip You For Walkin'"

I should have known why I liked the new remix to @DEVISHOT's track, Kiss My Lips, so much. One Google search later, lo and behold, @thecataracs were responsible for the beat. Now before you go getting excited that this track might have been on that Dev album you copped back in September called The Night the Sun Came Up, it's not. Instead, it's a remix of the album version, so you'll probably have to wait to grab the single on iTunes when it's posted instead.

I wish more artists would flip non-single tracks into singles by allowing "(insert Hip Hop artist)" to add a verse. In this case it was @MYFABOLOUSLIFE, who is about as good as you could get for a token hot 16. It adds the spice that some otherwise average tracks need to become relevant. Now I'm not saying I still wouldn't have shouted out Dev on this track sans Fab because of original Cataracs beat, but the verse made it even more post-worthy. Let me know if I'm off base on that, but pop tracks with Hip Hop verses seem to be the formula for success these days on the radio.

It's probably going to be tough for Dev to shake the Ke$ha comparisons, but as long as they both keep making upbeat, catchy pop music, I'll continue to be a fan of both equally...#UpbeatPopWithSassWins

Dev feat Fabolous - Kiss My Lips (Remix) (prod by The Cataracs)


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