Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Give 'em Hell, Turn Their Heads, Gonna Live Life Til We're Dead"

Leave it to Ryan Tedder to turn an otherwise mundane track into a crescendo of emotion filled vitality. That's the best explanation I have for @GYMCLASSHEROES's new single The Fighter off their upcoming album, The Papercut Chronicles II. From the soft, piano lead in to the rolling march of the beat, it's as if @TRAVIEMCCOY decided to throw a few verses on a well put together @onerepublic.

It's a well put together single and should push the sales meter just as much as their lead single Stereo Hearts did. Coincidentally, their new album will be out the same day as Take Care on November 15th. With four singles and 11 tracks on the album, it's packed full of goodness and repeat-ability. This one had me singin' in the car and I'd suspect it could have a similar effect on you...#JustWait

Gym Class Heroes feat Ryan Tedder - The Fighter


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