Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"No Light to Guide My Way"

It's safe to say that chapter one of @wizardcud's journey into the realm of psychedelic rock is now complete. Last night he let loose a flurry of tweets forecasting the release of his new track. The boldest statement is shown below...
Is Break a little different than the usual sound of his music? Slightly, in that the instrumentation is more focused on heavy, tripped out guitar riffs rather than beats and percussion. Content wise though, it's the same brand of loneliness and despair that we've become accustomed to with his first two albums.

It is revolutionary? Maybe in a sense that no other Hip Hop artists have tried to channel their inner Pink Floyd, but maybe that was he and @dotdagenius are going for? Regardless of reason, it's definitely different and I still haven't wrapped my mind around whether or not I'm a fan of it yet. I can tell you I'm excited that I'm cautiously excited to hear WZRD's debut album due out January 30th. Despite the isolated feel of the track below, Cudi hinted at their being radio friendly content on the way. No word on what the new album will be titled, but you can bet the end product will be polarizing in that critics will either hate on it to the extreme or call it revolutionary...#ICallItInteresting

WZRD - Break (prod by Dot da Genius)


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