Saturday, November 05, 2011

"I Had Money When the DVD Was a VCR"

Cyphers and remixes like what you will see experience are a big reason why Shady Records 2.0 is about to become a juggernaut. I must have fallen asleep the whole month of October when I missed posting Shady Records' ridiculous 9 minute cypher (brought to you in part by @Sprite, @bet and hosted by @realdjpremier). If I were you, I would open up another window with Control N (another tab wouldn't make sense here, trust me) and follow the lightning fast lyrics word for word (brought to you by Rap Genius).

That cypher is awesome on so many levels because every one of the artists bring a unique delivery, yet all are armed with the same next level lyrical creativity. It epitomizes the reason why I've always been a huge fan of every Slaughterhouse rapper, Yelawolf and Eminem. They use words as weapons within their music and find ways to weave in pop culture references that make you think. I'm not sure whether people don't care or just plain can't keep up with the intellect they deliver on tracks, but if you take the time to read what they're actually saying, it's usually entertaining on a nerdy-funny level. Case in point @joebudden's line:

"You Super Mario thugs is in the wrong room
Gotta figure here, you won't get bigger if you on shrooms"

I said in a post last week that I wasn't a big fan of @Yelawolf's lead single Hard White in the Club, off his upcoming album Radioactive. That all changes when you mix in @Tip and @DaRealSlaughter and subtract @LILJON background yelling. Hard to decide whether I like the cypher or remix better, it's more like which high class flavor you're feeling, Eminem or T.I...#CantGoWrong

Yelawolf feat T.I. & Slaughterhouse - Hard White in the Club (Remix)


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