Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"Workin' With the Negatives Could Make For Better Pictures"

If you're looking for a typical, "what you'd expect when @drake and & @liltunchi collaborate" track, you'll probably be in the group of fans that put HYFR near the top of your list of best Take Care tracks. On the track, Drake goes slightly out of his element with a machine gun flow on the first verse before pulling down the landing gear and smoothly passing the baton to Weezy on the hook. The back and forth storytelling and one liners offer a constant reminder of why they both comfortably sit atop the Rap game when it comes to trend setting and creativity.

One big thing that hopefully won't go overlooked in the construction of Take Care is the Canada-heavy, home grown production. With multiple production credits going to @producertminus and @ovo40, the success of the album will have a lot to do with their efforts on the album. It's interesting too, that @boi1da only contributed production on one track (Headlines) after providing a couple beats on Thank Me Later. Don't worry for a minute, though, because the continuity of Drake's well-known sound has continued in an even more original form with his new album. Jury is still out on the verdict for Take Care, but you better believe the lyrical content and meaning behind the album is as deep and personal as you'd hope...#Nov15th

Drake feat Lil Wayne - HYFR (prod by T-Minus)
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