Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"I’m Embarrassed, I’m Feeling Like a Suicidal Terrorist"

Out of all the tracks that ended up on the final tracklist for Take Care, one of the most overlooked tracks will end up being an interlude. I use the word overlooked because for some reason, the leaked version of Take Care had track #7 (below) attached to the end of Marvin's Room. Since most folks had already heard Marvin's Room, it's not a unreasonable to think that most people who copped the leak, completely missed @kendrick_lamar's small, but potent contribution to the album.

This is exactly why Kendrick is rapidly ascending to the top of Hip Hop. At first, his alien, disoriented flow is awkward. Then all the sudden the beat rolls in and the delivery he unleashes a perfectly measured barrage of lyrical mastery. The speed, timing and tone of every syllable perfectly matched the beat to a T. As simple as the instrumental (provided by @ovo40) ended up being, the gentle, rolling rhythm is incredibly soothing.

As far as interludes go, it doesn't get better than this. Drake was nowhere to be found on the interlude, but the addition to the album is going to be huge. I'm pleased that the final iTunes version of Take Care will have this as a separate track, rather than attached to the end of track 6. On a related note, if you like what you hear below, make sure and give a listen to Section 80, which was one of the more slept on albums in 2011. Kendrick may not get his big break til Detox, but in my mind, he's already arrived...

Drake feat Kendrick Lamar - Buried Alive (Interlude)(prod by Noah "40" Shebib) (iTunes)


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