Monday, June 07, 2010

"White Flip Flops, Designer Shades Louie, Big Faced Blockas, Family Guy Stewie"

Let me say this, if you take one thing away from this track, let that be the rising potential of my new favorite Canadian producer Boi-1da. Sure his rise and new opportunities may have been aided by Drake's meteoric rise, but I'd argue that Drake's unique sound and style couldn't have stood out without the help of Matthew Samuels. Consider it a symbiotic relationship that benefits all who have gotten and are continuing to get a chance to listen.

You wouldn't necessarily think much of an Ace Hood and Sean Kingston collab, but everything about this track works well and compliments a very easy going Hip Hop track. From the beat, which is every bit as snappy as it is the laid back vibe set off by Kingston on the hook...and don't discount Ace Hood's verses, sure they're pretty simple and laughably corny at points, but on a radio friendly hit like this, it's not outta place. I had to rewind that Family Guy Stewie line a few times after laughing initially.
That's what I'm talkin' bout, what Hip Hip blog doesn't need an image of Stewie Griffin rockin' some headphones and aviators??? Similar to the image above, don't overthink this one, like it for what it is, a catchy Hip Hop Top 50 hit that's about living the life...a sentiment everyone should carry on into summer.

Give it a listen...
Ace Hood feat Sean Kingston - Life Style (prod by Boi-1da) | Download


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