Thursday, June 17, 2010

Throwback Thurs: Thank Me Later Drake Edition

Seeing that I've now got folks twice my age asking me at work who this Drake guy is, I can say with a little more confidence that he may just break that magical number of a million records a little sooner than (Thank Me) Later. I don't want to spoil my forthcoming concert review but the image above was him performing in front of an absolutely hype crowd at TLA in south Philly. Never have I seen a crowd so glued to a performers every move and word like last night. Everyone wanted to soak up every moment they shared with him last night to a point that everyone wanted to take him home with them, which was evident given the plethora of cameras consistently in the air...(me included, no hypocrisy here I've already come to terms with my at times Stan-like obsession).

For throwback Thurs I thought I'd include a Drake track that is off his 2006 Room for Improvement Mixtape. Oh you didn't know he'd been releasing mixtapes for 3 years before catching his break? Like any artist who seems like they came out of nowhere, that never happens, there's always a fine tuning and development of an artist's sound that usually takes years. Shows how even the most meteoric rise (Drake) still took years to develop into what we know him now as a bona-fide star.

Also noteworthy is that Boi-1da produced this track and same as Drake, he's been on his grind that long and is now blowing up with tracks like the super-collaboForever and Eminem's Not Afriad. On this track you can gain an appreciation for how far Drake has come confidence wise, which directly correlates with his lyrical content and delivery. To me he now sounds young on this track looking back and the unique, high pitched, bouncy beat outshines his lyrical efforts...which is something that can hardly ever be said anymore. Most people are already on his bandwagon, but do yourself a favor and give some of his old mixtape material a listen so that you can have a gauge for how he has risen and where he started talent wise. It's easy to like Cavs when they got Lebron, but how familiar are you with them during the Mark Price era? Get what I'm sayin', strive to be better than a bandwagon fan, it's easy to like something that's always been good.

Old School Drake at it's best...

Drake - The City is Mine (prod by Boi-1da)
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