Friday, June 25, 2010

Texas Stand UP!..."Yea Jack I'm a Gang-sta, Gang-sta, Gang-sta, G-A-N-G-S-T-A"

When I think about Texas Hip Hop, this is exactly the type of sound that I expect to hear and look forward to hearing. The big bass, slow rhythm, exaggerated Southern drawl, laid back hook. It all sounds so good when played loudly or doing my favorite parking lot activity, the classy, pop-trunk wave. Oh you don't have a slow-mo open/close function on your trunk to share your secondhand Rap with the whole block???? #gitwititoryagetgone

In all seriousness though, the pop-trunk wave needs to make it out of Texas and become part of mainstream Hip Hop culture. Think about it, if you pulled up to a stoplight and the driver in front of you started slowly waving his trunk at you, you'd be pretty entertained right? It would definitely break up the monotony that is daily traffic.

Anyways, this is supposed to be off Slim Thug's upcoming album, The Thug Show, due out September 7th. While Texas Hip Hop rarely makes it to the mainstream due to it's increasingly loud, boisterous, hardcore sound, I'd recommend the likes of unheralded rappers like Trae and Z-Ro. They do a good job of furthering the sound the DJ Screw started back in the 1990s. All contribute to the SLAB (Slow Loud and Bangin) culture that involves decking out cars with extravagant lighting, speakers, rims, basically dressing it up to look really gaudy. Do a search for SLAB on YouTube, it's pretty crazy what cool stuff people are doing/have done to their cars these days.

Be sure and drive real slow and turn this one up for the desired effect...repeat to audible tolerance...

Slim Thug feat Z-Ro - Gangsta
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