Thursday, June 03, 2010

Throwback Thurs: Jim Crow - Holla At a Playa

For most of you that don't know, Jim Crow is a Hip Hop group made up of legendary producer Polow Da Don, Cutty Cartel and Mr. Mo (wait you didn't know that?? haha). This one goes allll the way back to 2002 and mostly pre-dates any huge hits by the now legendary Polow, who is now the CEO of Zone 4 records (a subsidiary of Interscope). It also features Sean Paul of Youngbloodz who adds a verse and Hip Hop producer Jazze Pha, who makes it sound extra corny.

My guess is on top of never having heard of Jim Crow, you you probably haven't heard this track either. Before you go getting your hopes up about some awesome track, it's nothing special, but I find it entertaining and comical for a couple reasons. The most glaring reason being the alarming roar/scream throughout this track that sounds more like a prehistoric bird yelping than someone "holla"-ing.

The second reason being that ESPN anchor Stuart Scott has used the "Holla at a playa when you see me on the streets" line for years on Sportscenter without anyone fully knowing where he got it from. While most viewer probably gave him credit for being original, like any true hustler, he took something obscure and unheard of made it his own. (Except for these haters and Facebook users here  here and here who clearly hate on his tag line). Look in the mirror before you accuse him of swagger jacking because all of us do it at some point, it's what defines pop culture. Just because he had his ear to the streets and heard something from the underground and attempted to be a pop culture opinion leader, doesn't give you player a hater visa with the right to purchase some of this reverse pimp juice below....
Just my opinion...check it out...

Jim Crow feat Sean Paul of Youngbloodz & Jazze Pha - Holla At a Playa | Download


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